Renovations, once again

A new set of renovation will take place in the Bio21 Advanced Microscopy Facility starting the 7th of August

Our success in getting new equipment from grant funding has a flip side. we need to make new space available and ready for new microscopes.

this time it will only take a couple of days to complete the bulk of the work but the disruption may last a little longer for some intrument.

  • We are expecting little to no disruption to the TF30 and the Nova.
  • The Tf20 and the Quanta will likely be impacted on the 7th and the 8th of August
  • The PC2 accreditation will be suspended until the end of August, hence no work with GMOs shall be undertaken in the facility during that time. If you need EM done on your samples please fix them before coming in.
  • The SP5 will be relocated within Bio21 on the 3rd, we will advise of the final location in the next few days. In case the PC2 accreditation for the new location is not active by the 7th please find alternative arrangement with other BOMP microscopes.
  • We advised against any sample preparation the week of the 7th as the lab may be a little dusty.
  • The OMX will be unavailable from the 7th of August until further notice. Users will be emailed individually.

More Information

Eric Hanssen