Applications in Fluorescence Microscopy Symposium

The Biological Optical Microscopy Platform, is running its annual symposium on Monday 22nd August 2016. 

The Applications in Fluorescence Microscopy Symposium will be a mix of sessions including an advanced techniques session, oral presentations selected from abstracts and a plenary session.

Location: Auditorium, Peter Doherty Institute, University of Melbourne

Date & Time: 1-5pm, Monday 22nd August 2016

Registration: Registration is free and open to all. Please follow this link to register for the symposium.

  • Sessions

    The Applications in Fluorescence Microscopy Symposium will be a mix of presentations including advanced techniques, talks from submitted abstracts and a plenary session. 

    More details of each of these can be found below:

    1) Advanced Techniques: Talks from researchers that use advanced methods on fluorescence microscopes. 

    2) Trade display: A full trade display will run during registration & the afternoon tea. There will be a passport scheme with a $50 prize, visit them all for your chance of winning. Plus, it might help your research as well.

    3) ECR/PhD Oral presentation: Selected from submitted abstracts and open only to ECR & graduate students. Three speaking places will be assigned based on the novelty of the techniques or technology used to investigate the biological question. 

    There is a $200 prize for the best Oral presentation. Abstract deadline is 5pm on Friday 12th August. Please send a title, author list, affiliations and a 200 word abstract to

    4) Plenary Session: The plenary presentation will be given by Associate Professor Kaylene Simpson from the Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics (Peter Mac Cancer Centre). Her talk is entitled "Enabling Discovery using Quantitative Phenotypic High Content Screening.”

  • Program
    Registration12:30Registration & Trade display
    Welcome & Intro13:00Welcome and introduction
    Advanced Techniques13:10 Mathusi Swaminathan - TBC
    13:30Christina Molck - Using high-content imaging to quantify spatio-temporal interactions between cancer cells in heterogenous populations
    13:50Oliver Looker - Super-resolution: Malaria remodels its red blood cell host
    14:10Darryl Johnson - Utilising spectral unmixing and histo-cytometry to investigate Natural Killer T cells in situ
    14:30Paul McMillan - Fight the Fuzz: Turning your confocal into a super-resolution microscope
    Afternoon tea14:50 Afternoon tea & trade display
    ECR/Student talks15:30Kynan Lawlor - Imaging nephron progenitor niche during kidney development
    15:40Phillip Guennel - X-ray fluorescence measurement of elemental distribution in the mouse retina with age
    15:50Patricia Jusuf - Using chimeras to visulize in vivo neural gene expression in different genetic environments
    Plenary Session16:00A/Prof. Kaylene Simpson - Enabling Discovery using Quantitative Phenotypic High Content Screening
    Awards and presentations16:50 - 17:00Presentation of awards for ECR/PhD talks and trade passport scheme


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