Arctica Access Time Application

Screening workflow before applying for time (assumes your have 2D class averages from negative staining for SPA):

1. Freeze 4-6 grids with your sample (macromolecule, cell or nano crystal)

same vitrobot conditions ( blot paper saturation, humidity, temperature ....)

2. Screen one of those

on a 120kV microscope (eg. L120C) for SPA, or 200-300kV (eg. TF30) for tomo and microED
  • A. if it is good, acquire 1 grid atlas (or very low mag, eg. x50), at least 2 grid squarres, at least 4 grid holes
  • B. if it is not good try another of you 4-6 grids
    • if it is good go to A
    • if it is not good try again or start from scratch