Happy New Year from BOMP

New Year, New Toys (read toys as "Vital research equipment")

Happy New Year All.

We were very good in 2017 and were very lucky to receive a couple of presents at the end of last year. Thanks Santa!!

Lightsheet Microscope: The UltraMicroscope II was installed in late December and is designed for imaging large biological samples such as cleared tissues and brains. Don't worry if you missed our information seminar in December, as we'll be running another later in the year.

FLIM & FFS: The Olympus FV3000 was also installed in late December and will be fitted with a Fluorescence Lifetime Microsocopy (FLIM) unit and will be capable of Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy (FFS).

For more info on Lightsheet Microsopy, FLIM & FFS please visit our Applications page