BOMP workshop in 2021

We have planned out the dates for our Seminars and Workshops for 2021

Please save the below dates in your diary. Registration will open 2-3 weeks in advance of each event.

To be kept informed of upcoming events, please email and request to be added to our mailing list. All current users of our instruments should automatically receive these emails.

Workshop/Seminar content from previous years can be found via this link.

Please note that the numbered workshops are the same workshops repeated in different days. You only need to attend one of those.

10th February10-11amIntroduction to: Bio-image Analysis (1)SeminarsClosed
17th February10-12pm & 2-4pmFIJI/ImageJ for Beginners (1)WorkshopClosed
18th February10-12pm & 2-4pmFIJI/ImageJ for Beginners (2)WorkshopClosed
23th February10-12pm & 2-4pmFIJI/ImageJ for Quantification (1)WorkshopClosed
25th Feburary10-12pm & 2-4pmFIJI/ImageJ for Quantification (2)WorkshopClosed
17th March9-12pmIntroduction to: Cell Profiler (1)WorkshopClosed
21th April (TBC)TBCFocus on: Huygens Deconvolution (1)WorkshopTBA
4th, 6th May10-12pmIntroduction to: Fluorescence MicroscopySeminarsTBA
11th May10-11amFocus on: Lightsheet MicroscopySeminar & DemoTBA
18th May10-11amFocus on: Super-Resolution MicroscopySeminar & DemoTBA
25th May10-11amFocus on: High Content ImagingSeminar & DemoTBA
2nd June10-11amIntroduction to: BioImaging Analysis (2)SeminarTBA
9th June10-12pm & 2-4pmFIJI/ImageJ for Beginners (3)WorkshopTBA
10th June10-12pm & 2-4pmFIJI/ImageJ for Beginners (4)WorkshopTBA
16th June10-12pm & 2-4pmFIJI/ImageJ for Quantification (3)WorkshopTBA
18th June10-12pm & 2-4pmFIJI/ImageJ for Quantification (4)WorkshopTBA
21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th June10-12pmFIJI/ImageJ Macro writing for biologists (1)WorkshopTBA
6th July (TBC)TBCFocus on: Huygens Deconvolution (2)WorkshopTBA
13th July9-5pmFocus on: 3D image analysis - ImarisWorkshopTBA
15th July1-5pmFocus on: ColocalisationWorkshopTBA
20th July1-5pmFocus on: TrackingWorkshopTBA
22nd July1-5pmFocus on: Filament analysisWorkshopTBA
7th September10-12pm & 2-4pmFIJI/ImageJ for Beginners (5)WorkshopTBA
9th September10-12pm & 2-4pmFIJI/ImageJ for Beginners (6)WorkshopTBA
15th September10-12pm & 2-4pmFIJI/ImageJ for Quantification (5)WorkshopTBA
16th September10-12pm & 2-4pmFIJI/ImageJ for Quantification (6)WorkshopTBA
22nd September9-1pmIntroduction to: Cell Profiler (2)WorkshopTBA
4th,5th,6th,7th October10-12pmFIJI/ImageJ Macro writing for biologists (2)WorkshopTBA
14th October (TBC)1-5pmAnnual SymposiumSymposiumTBA

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