Colocalisation workshop

Registration is now open for our colocalisation workshop. Come along to learn how to acquire and analyse your data correctly.

The Colocalisation workshop will be split into two sections, which comprise of a lecture and a hands-on workshop. The lecture will cover the rules for data acquisition and explain the some of the commonly used colocalisation methods. The hands-on workshop will run in a computer teaching lab and will present the use of different software tools to analyse colocalisation (FIJI, Volocity, Imaris).

Due to numbers of researchers interested in the hands-on workshop, we will run this twice.

Please only register for ONE workshop via the below links

#LectureHands-onRegister Attendance
19-10am, Tuesday 30th July10:30-12:00, Tuesday 30th JulyRegistration closed
29-10am, Tuesday 30th July12:30-2:00, Tuesday 30th July