FIJI Workshops

FIJI (Image J) workshops for researchers that want to visualise their images, extract quantitative data from them and learn how to automate their analyses

We are holding our popular FIJI workshop series again in February. The workshops consist of a short introductory presentation followed by hands-on demonstrations in a computer lab. See table below for dates/times/registration links.

FIJI for Beginners5th November1 - 5 pmRegistration closed
FIJI for Quantification7th November1 - 5 pmRegistration closed
FIJI: Macro writing for Biologists12th & 14th November9 - 1 pmFree and open to all

FIJI for Beginners:

  • Image Import
  • Image Manipulation (splitting images, merging, pseudocoloruing)
  • Annotation (adding scale bars)
  • Visualisation & Presentation of 3D and timelapse data
  • Free time to play with your own images & ask questions

FIJI for Quantification:

  • Image Thresholding
  • Area & intensity analysis
  • Cell Counting
  • Cell Segmentation
  • Simple Batch Analyses
  • Free time to play with your own images & ask questions

FIJI Macro writing for Biologists: Only regular users of FIJI or researchers with coding experience should attend

  • Basics of FIJI/ImageJ Macro language
  • Batch processing using loops and conditions
  • Data handling using array and table
  • Optimising Macros using user-defined functions with relevant examples.

Please follow this link to all our FIJI workshop content, including presentations, demo images and short instructional videos.