FIJI: Macro writing for Biologists

FIJI or Image J is an open source java image processing program developed by the NIH. This full-day workshop follows on from the FIJI for Beginners and FIJI for Quantification workshops held previously. It is designed for researchers who use FIJI/Image J regularly and would like automate their analyses.

The content of the workshop will be prepared for biologists with no prior programming experience. However, attendee's are expected to have good understanding of digital imaging and image analysis using FIJI/ImageJ.

This workshop will cover the following:

1) Basics of FIJI/ImageJ Macro language

2) Batch processing using loops and conditions

3) Data handling using array and table

4) Optimising Macros using user-defined functions with relevant examples.

Presenter: Dr Ellie Cho, Biological Optical Microscopy Platform

Date & Venue: 9-5 pm, 28th September 2017, Alan Gilbert Building, University of Melbourne

Registration: Free event, All welcome. Limited to 40 registrants, register here.