High Content Imaging Workshop

This workshop will cover a basic introduction to high content imaging, the data analysis pipelines available and examples of applications possible on our Operetta system.

High content imaging enables the automated acquisition and analysis of samples (e.g. cultured cells, tissue sections & tissue spheroids) in microtitre plates & chamber slides. The system is capable of performing live cell imaging experiments, with temperature and CO2 control.

Speakers: Dr Ellie Cho (Biological Optical Microscopy Platform)

Seminar: 10-11am, Tuesday 2nd April

Where: N817, Rand theatre, Level 8 North, Medical Building, The University of Melbourne

Registration: Free and open to all. Registration is now closed

Test your own samples: Try the system with your own samples. Test experiments can be arranged on another date with Ellie Cho. Either speak to Ellie after the workshop or email her via hcho@unimelb.edu.au