Imaris workshop

Imaris is an image analysis software that enables researchers to visualise and quantify their multi-dimensional microscopy data. This two-day workshop will take you through the operation of the Imaris software in a computer teaching labs

The workshop will cover the below topics:

  1. Data importing & 3D visualisation (inc. movie making)
  2. 3D surface rendering, Masking & Quantitative Analysis
  3. 3D co-localisation & Filament tracing
  4. Object tracking & data plotting
  5. Q&A/ Users data analysis

Presenter: Dr Ellie Cho, Biological Optical Microscopy Platform

Time & Date: 9 - 5pm, 9th & 11th July 2019*

Venue: Room 111, Alan Gilbert Building, University of Melbourne

Registration: Free & open to all. Limited to 37 attendees. This workshop is now oversubscribed. You can access to the workshop content via our webpage.

*Lunch is not provided