Intro to Fluorescence Microscopy

This lecture series will provide researchers with an introduction to Fluorescence and Fluorescence Microscopy Applications.

It is aimed at researchers who are new to fluorescence microscopy, or those who would like to refresh their understanding. Given the possible synergies, the intro to fluorescence lectures will be run along side lectures covering an introduction to Histology and Flow Cytometry.

A full breakdown of the lectures is shown below:

1Tuesday 7th May1-2pmMHPIntro to Histology
2Tuesday 7th May2-3pmAllIntro to fluorescence
3Wednesday 8th May10-12pmBOMPApplications in Fluorescence Microscopy
4Wednesday 8th May1-3pmMCPApplications in Flow Cytometry
5Friday 10th May10-12pmBOMPExperimental design, acquisition & analysis
6Friday 10th May1-3pmMCPExperimental design, acquisition & analysis

Location: All lectures will be in the Auditorium at the Bio21 Institute (30 Flemington Road, Parkville), The University of Melbourne

Registration: Free to attend and open to all. Registration is now closed.