New year resolution

Happy new year to you all from the team at the Bio21 Advanced Microscopy Facility. The year has started well for us with a new staff member and two new microscopes. But we needed to give you a quick update on a few things:

- our new staff in charge of the Talos Arctica Andrew Leis has started

- the Talos L120C is up and running. For those of you already trained on the Tecnai F30 and F20 it should be a matter of few minutes to update your training to be able to use the L120C, contact Eric or Sergey for this

- New year, new set of pricing. After a couple of years with no price increase we had to raise the prices of our service by 3% bringing the internal rate to $75/h for beamtime. all the pricing structure is available

- All users will have to re-register by the 31st of January to be able to access the microscopes. it hsoudl only take less than 5min.

  • Unimelb staff and student need to update their themis account string if they didnt change supervisor or go thru the fullr egistration process if they changed their supervisor.
  • external users to go thru the full registraiton process