Physics Registration process

This page covers the registration process for access to the Olympus FV3000 instrument in the School of Physics node of the Biological Optical Microscopy Platform.

OHS requirement & Training documents

Please read the below information, download and fill in the relevant forms. You are required to provide the below forms/info BEFORE you can book in an instrument induction.

OHS requirement

All researchers will need to comply with OHS rules of the University of Melbourne. Please follow the instruction from the below sections (Building Induction, OGTR regulation)

All researchers accessing the building are required to have a building safety induction. This instrument is located inside a research laboratory (Hinde lab).

Please contact Elizabeth Hinde to arrange local induction.

Researchers planning to bring viable GMO or pathogenic samples (Risk Group 2 which fall under a NLRD agreement) should also

  • Add BOMP facility (Cert-xxxx, Room259, Physics building) to their NLRD by emailing Lynda Boldt or the biorisk management team ( Upon receiving confirmation, provide email evidence to BOMP.
  • Provide the date that they have attended an "Complying with Gene Technology Requirements" session run by OREI.
  • Read and complete SOP/RA#8 covering GMO/RG2 sample transport and decontamination of spills and provide to BOMP.

BOMP Training documents

All researchers will need to complete the user agreement form. University of Melbourne researchers are required to provide a default Themis code for billing. External researchers are required to provide a Purchase Order number or invoice contact and address.

You will need to submit an electronic copy of this form.

1. Training Documentation:

Read the training documentation (Instrument instructions, SOP, RA). You are required to to declare that you have read the SOP & RA during submission.

2. Pre-assessment:

Complete the pre-assessment. You can find the answers from the Instrument instructions. You are required to get 100% to pass the assessment. You will need to click on the "View my score" option at the end of the quiz to see your score and you can use the "edit my responses" option to correct any incorrect answers. Please take a screen grab of your 100% score for submission.

Register for the booking system. Instruction can be found in this link

Submit Forms (FV3000)