Analysis computers

We can arrange access to a number of different software packages (see below tables). There are two ways of accessing image analysis software, either via BOMP computers or via local computer (that has license server access).

1. BOMP Image Analysis computers:

BOMP maintains 5 image analysis computers that are dedicated for image analysis. Three computers  are located at the Medical building (Green, Gold and Diamond) and two computers (Cherry and Cyan) are located at the Bio21 Institute. Available software on each computer is described in the table below. The detailed specification of each computer can be found from BOMP webpage (

LocationNameImarisVolocityAmiraHuygenZenLAS XFIJIMetamorph
Medical BuildingGreenYY  YYYY
Bio21 InstituteCyanYY  Y*YYY

*Zen installed on Cyan is not a licensed version. Some processing tools will not be available

To gain access to BOMP computers, please do the following:

2. Local computer access via license servers (limited to Imaris & Volocity)

Researchers can request access to Imaris or Volocity on their labs analysis computer (i.e. not on any of the above systems).

a. Requesting local computer set up: Researchers can request setup on their research computer to have access to license server. Request will be approved ONLY IF the computer meets system requirements for license that they request. Please check the required specifications for Imaris (from here) or Volocity (from here) before requesting access.

To request local computer access to license servers, please do the following:

  • Please download and read the local induction file. You are required to confirm that you have read this on the registration form.
  • To request license access on external computer, please go here. Once approved, access to the license server will be setup by BOMP staff.

b. Requesting booking calendar access (for an existing local computer): Researchers who have access to these computers are required to use the BOMP booking calendar for all sessions (otherwise sessions will be ended without warning and the local computer access to the license server will be removed).

To request personal access to the license server booking calendar, please do the following:

  • Image Analysis Local Induction: Please download and read the local induction file. You are required to confirm that you have read this on the registration form.
  • Please request access to the booking calendar from here

IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the researcher to maintain computer for optimal performance and access the license by usage rules described in the local induction document. Repeated offence of usage rule will result permanent loss of access.