Bio21 Terms and Conditions

Please read the below terms and conditions and complete the relevant user agreement form at the end of this page.

Instrument Training

  1. Only platform staff are to train researchers to use Bio21 AMF instruments.
  2. Researchers will be provided with training documentation and are required to complete an online competency assessment before they can book in a face-to-face training session.
  3. Face-to-Face training usually consists of a two-hour induction. Platform staff retain the right to require researchers to undergo further training if deemed necessary.

Equipment and Laboratory Usage

  1. The Facility is not a storage area, unlabelled samples will be discarded without notice. if you want to store your equipment or samples ask the relevant unit staff.
  2. Any damage to a piece of equipment resulting from misuse or operator error will be charged back to the research group to which the researcher belongs (eg. damage to an objective = $ 5-10,000).
  3. Microscope computers and support computer are not to be modified in any way (installing software, changing settings ...).

Access and After Hours Usage

  1. After hours use is only permitted after consultation with the relevant equipment staff and ONLY when not working alone. Please refer to the training files provided.
  2. The Bio21 AMF is a OGTR PC2 certified facility, it is a requirement to follow the OGTR guideline and area specific EHS regulations. Please fill the following form.
  3. Access cards must never be handed on to a third party.

Data Management Policy

  1. Images and data obtained on Bio21 AMF instruments remain the property of the researcher who acquired the data.
  2. The researcher is responsible for the archiving of these files. We suggest that this is performed immediately at the end of your session. Please allocate time for this within your booking.
  3. Under no circumstances are Unit staff responsible for any lost data.

Publication/Authorship Policy

  1. The platform should be acknowledged in any research output (e.g. publication, presentation and poster) that arises from data generated on Bio21 AMF instruments.
  2. Assisted use sessions are performed on a collaborative basis. Any publications that include data produced via assisted use sessions should include the relevant platform staff as a co-author. Platform staff should be considered for co-authorship if they have contributed significant technical, scientific or intellectual input to a study.
  3. Researchers MUST notify the platform of any research output (e.g. publications, presentations and posters) that arise from use of Bio21 AMF instruments

Facility Staff

Dr Gabriela SegalSupport Officer, BOMP (Primary Contact) 476 551
Dr Ellie ChoApplications Specialist, 0421 730 710
Dr Paul McMillanManager, 975 760
Dr Eric HanssenManager, Advanced Microscopy 8344 2449
I ACCEPT the terms and condition of the Bio21 AMF