Workshops & Resources

Colocalisation workshop30/07/19Lecture capturepdf
NIS Elements workshop29/07/19Lecture capturepdf
Imaris Workshop09/07/19Link
FIJI/Image J: FIJI for Quantification02/07/19Link
FIJI/Image J: FIJI for Beginners28/06/19Link
FIJI/Image J: FIJI Macro writing for biologists26/06/19Link
Introduction to 3D BioImage analysis04/06/19Lecture capturepdf
Introduction to Flow Cytometry - Experimental design, acquisition and analysis (Lecture 6)10/05/19NApdf
Introduction to Fluorescence Microscopy - Experimental design, acquisition and analysis (Lecture 5)10/05/19Lecture capture
Introduction to Flow Cytometry - Applications in Fluorescence Microscopy (Lecture 4)08/05/19NA
Introduction to Fluorescence Microscopy - Applications in Fluorescence Microscopy (Lecture 3)08/05/19Lecture capture
Introduction to Fluorescence (Lecture 2)07/05/19Lecture capture
Introduction to Histology (Lecture 1)07/05/19Lecture capture
Focus on: High Content Imaging02/04/19Link
Focus on: Lightsheet Microscopy19/03/19Link
FIJI/Image J for Quantification Workshop28/02/19Link
FIJI/Image J for Beginners Workshop26/02/19Link
Focus on: Huygens Image Deconvolution19/02/19Email
Focus on: Airyscan Confocal02/02/19Link
Huygens Deconvolution serverPerform online image deconvolution to clean up image qualityLink
Nyquist calculatorWork out the correct sampling rate for your microscopeLink
SpectraViewerLook at the excitation & Emission Spectra of fluorophoresLink
Human Cell AtlasThe Cell Atlas provides high-resolution insights into the spatial distribution of proteins within cellsLink
Imaris softwareOnline tutorials and webcasts of Imaris functionsLink
Volocity softwareOnline video playlist of Volocity functionsLink
Zeiss softwareDownload Zen Lite software to open, visualise & interpret your dataLink
Leica softwareDownload LAS X or LAS AF Lite software to open, visualise & interpret your dataLink
FIJI or Image JDownload FIJI software to open, visualise & interpret your dataLink
iBiology Microscopy CourseLink
Science Lab (Leica)Link
Online Campus (Zeiss)Link
MicroscopyU (Nikon)Link
Microscopy Resource Centre (Olympus)Link
Microscopy & Imaging (Bitesizebio)Link