Usage Charge

Please see our User Agreement Form for complete information

(User Agreement Form for Eastern Hill Precinct can be found here)


Different rates will be applied based on your financial affiliation. UoM Researchers are who holds UoM Themis account. External Researchers/Industry Researchers are who doesn't have UoM Themis account (Payment via Invoice).

Charging TypeCategoryRate
User OperatedCategory 1$5/h
Category 2$20/h
Category 3$25/h
Category 4$5/h
User Operated (After hours, 5pm-9am)Category 2$10/h
Category 4$2/h
TrainingCategory 1 & 2 & 3$100/h
(Dept. of Microbiology & Immunology researchers will not be charged for usage of instruments in the Peter Doherty Institute)
Charging TypeCategoryRate
User OperatedCategory 1$15/h
Category 2$35/h
Category 3$100/h
Category 4$10/h
TrainingCategory 1 & 2 & 3$125/h
Charging TypeCategoryRate
User OperatedCategory 1$20/h
Category 2$45/h
Category 3$100/h
Category 4$10/h
TrainingCategory 1 & 2 & 3$125/h


Instrument usage / Charges have been split into 4 categories based on the instrument’s specifications

Category 1  
Deltavision EliteWidefield (live sample)Bio21 Institute
Operetta High ContentHigh Content (live sample)Medical Building
Category 2  
Zeiss LSM880Confocal (upright)Medical Building
Zeiss LSM800Confocal (upright)Medical Building
Leica SP5Confocal (Inverted, live sample)Medical Building
UltraMicroscopeIILightsheetMedical Building
Leica SP5Confocal (Inverted, live sample)Bio21 Institute
Leica SP8Confocal (Inverted)Bio21 Institute
Zeiss Elyra / LSM880Super-resolution / Confocal (Inverted)Bio21 Institute
OMX BlazeSuper-resolutionBio21 Institute
Zeiss LSM700Confocal (Inverted, live sample)Peter Doherty Institute
Zeiss LSM780Confocal (Inverted)Peter Doherty Institute
Olympus FV3000Confocal (FLIM)Physics
Category 3  
Zeiss LSM710-NLOMulti-photonPeter Doherty Institute
Olympus FVMPERSMulti-photonPeter Doherty Institute
Category 4  
Diamond ComputerRemote access
ImarisSoftwareOnline server
Platform staffs are available to provide a number of academic services to researchers using our equipment.
These services include
 - consultation on experimental design, application & analysis
 - method/protocol development (e.g. developing new applications)
 - operation of instruments for data collection
 - advanced data analysis

If a platform staff member has contributed sufficient technical, scientific or intellectual input to a study, then they should be considered for inclusion as an author in any resulting research output (presentation, poster and publication).

Any instrument usage under this collaboration agreement will be charged at the user operated rate. Please consult the collaboration form at the end of user agreement form for more information