Booking system

Access to the booking calendar will be given after the training is completed.

BOMP is in the process of changing our booking system from OCF scheduler to iLab. During this time, we will be running our BMB node on iLab as a test of the new booking system. All of the other nodes will continue on OCF scheduler.


Please use iLab to book microscopes @ Bio21 Institute. Instructions on how to register for iLab can be downloaded (opens new window): for Group leader (PI), for Researcher (end user), FAQs

OSF scheduler

Please use OCF scheduler to book the rest of instruments. Instructions on how to register for OCF scheduler can be download (opens new window): for Researcher(end user)

Booking calendar link (NOTE: For iLab, sign-in is required to view calendar)

Bio21 Institute (iLab)Medical BuildingPeter Doherty Institute
Zeiss Elyra LSM880Zeiss LSM900Zeiss LSM780
Leica SP8Zeiss LSM880Zeiss LSM700
Leica SP5Zeiss LSM800Zeiss LSM710 NLO
DV EliteOperettaOlympus FVMPERS
OMX BlazeUltramicroscopeII 
BiosciencePhysicsImage analysis computer
Nikon A1ROlympus FV3000Diamond
Nikon C2 Gold
Nikon Spinning DiskMedicine (EHP)Green
 Nikon A1RCyan