Scanning Electron and Dual Beam Microscopes

FEI Teneo VolumeScope

Bio21 institute

Newest column in our pool of microscope. It has been purchased for block face imaging but can also be used for EDS, STEM, BSE imaging or as a standard SEM

Equipped with a FEI VolumeScope for automated 3D acquisition

The main applications of this microscope are:

  • 3D blockface imaging
  • STEM
  • Microanalysis

FEI Nova Nanolab

Bio21 institute

Dual beam Scanning Electron Microscope, it combined an SEM and gallium ion beam instrument. Equipped with EDAX, Pt-deposition system and micromanipulator.

Equipped EDS detectors

The main applications of this microscope are:

  • Device cross-sectioning
  • TEM sample preparation
  • Nanofabrication
  • 3D reconstruction using the Slice and View system
  • Micro-analysis

FEI Quanta Cryo SEM

Bio21 Institute

Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope fitted with a Peltier cold stage operating from -25 to + 40C. Recently upgraded with an INcA detector for microanalysis

Equipped Oxford INcA EDS detectors and Gatan cryo stage

The main application of this microscope are:

  • Low vacuum for non conductive sample
  • ESEM mode for hydrated samples with peltier stage -10 to 40C
  • CryoSEM (<100nm)
  • Microanalysis (<100nm)