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Biological Optical Microscopy Platform

  • Can BOMP help me with my sample preparation?

    Yes, we can advise on how best to prepare your samples to get the best results.

  • I am not interested in getting trained on the microscopes but would prefer if someone runs the samples for me is this possible?

    We can perform a limited number of imaging sessions for researchers (2-3 sessions by prior arrangement). These sessions aren’t charged at a higher rate, but platform staff should be included in any outputs resulting from this work.

  • I have read a method in a paper that I want to try to replicate. Can BOMP help?

    Yes, we can advise which systems are available to do this and advise how best to go about the experiment. We are also available to work collaboratively to help you establish methods that use some of our high-end microscopes (e.g. Lightsheet, High-content Imaging, FLIM, Image analysis).

  • I need some advice on how to perform my image analysis. Can BOMP help me?

    Yes, we are available to assist with image analysis. We suggest that you have this meeting ahead of acquiring your data. We can also provide advice on how best to analyse your data, provide training on the relevant software and can even set up custom analysis scripts (via collaboration).

  • I am writing a grant but am unsure of the technical details of a new technique. Can BOMP help me with writing my grant?

    Yes, we often assist with technical suggestions or proof-reading of researchers grants to ensure that they are correctly written. We can provide quotations or letters of support upon request. We can also assist with getting provisional data for inclusion in grants.

  • Can BOMP help me with writing my manuscript?

    Yes, we can assist with writing technical details in your methods & materials sections or how to present/interpret your data.

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