Building access FAQs

Biological Optical Microscopy Platform

  • Can I get inducted into the Medical building BOMP facility without a Medical building induction?

    No, all researchers performing independent research within the medical building are required to undergo a building induction. Please fill in the Medical Building Induction Enrolment form and send it to to arrange an induction if you haven't already had one.

  • How do I get access for after hour usage in the Medical Building?

    Researchers are required to gain 20 hours experience on the instruments before they can apply for after-hours access. A BOMP staff member will take you through a brief after-hours induction and we can sign the after-hours building form . You will need to have a University of Melbourne card to be given out of hours access.

  • How do I get access for after-hour usage in Bio21?

    Only researchers whose primary work is located within Bio21 will be able to be provided with after-hours access to the instruments. They will need to fill in the relevant working in isolation form  and get it signed by their supervisor.

  • How do I get access to the image analysis computers in the medical building?

    There is now an online registration page specifically for image analysis computers in the medical building. Please register via this link. You will be required to undergo a short local induction before you will be given access to the booking calendars.

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