Training FAQs

Biological Optical Microscopy Platform

  • How can I arrange a training session?

    Most nodes have an online training & registration form for submission of all required documents. Once we have these forms, we can arrange a face-to-face training session. If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to contact

  • When should I organise training?

    You should organise training close to the time (within 1-2 weeks) that you are planning on imaging your own samples. This will give sufficient time to register and arrange the two training sessions required to get access to the microscopes. Be aware that on some busier microscopes, we may need to book session further in advance.

  • What happens during the training?

    Training sessions are spread over two sessions (preferably on consecutive days). The first is a two-hour introduction to the microscope using a test sample provided by BOMP. This focuses on the hardware and software settings on the system and how to take an image. The second training is a follow up session with your samples to assist you with microscope configuration set up that is specific for your sample.

  • Can I bring my own samples to the training?

    The first training session is performed with a BOMP provided test sample. The second session must be with your sample.

  • How many people can attend a group training?

    We can train up to 3 people in the first session. This is to enable all the trainees to be able to see the computer screen and have a chance to get hands-on with the system. The second training must be one-on-one.

  • What is the charging for the training?

    Approx $200-250 depending on your affiliation. The training is charged at a higher rate for the duration of your first training session (normally 2 hours). Please check the relevant user agreement form as each system and affiliation has a different charge. In group trainings, these charges are shared equally across the trainees.

  • When do I get access to book the system independently?

    This usually happens after the second training session, once we have deemed you competent to use the system properly. This can take longer for some systems/researchers. Your trainer should confirm this when you are being trained.

  • I got trained a while ago but I cannot remember how to operate the system, can I get a refresher?

    Yes, we are more than happy to run refresher trainings. We suggest anyone that hasn’t used a system for longer than 6 months have a refresher training. This refresher training will be charged at the user operated rate. Please contact your trainer or email

  • I am not interested in getting trained on the microscopes but would prefer if someone runs the samples for me is this possible?

    We can perform a limited number of imaging sessions for researchers (2-3 sessions by prior arrangement). These sessions aren’t charged at a higher rate, but platform staff should be included in any outputs resulting from this work.

  • Can my lab mate train me on the microscope?

    Only BOMP staff should perform trainings on the instruments. Once you have independent access to the system, you supervisor or colleagues can assist with how to acquire the data you require for your project.

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