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  • Web resources

    MyScope, microscopy tutorial (pre-requisite for one on one teaching at IHIC)

    Leica Science-Lab, tutorials, article about microscopy and applications

    EM University, large repository of knowledge on EM and cryoEM

    CryoEM101, videos and animation about the cryoEM workflow

  • Instrument manuals
  • Calculators

    Basic SPA box size calculator

    Assuming 2.7 mm Cs

    SPA refinement memory calculator

  • What to bring

    Tolls you will need:

    Minimum kit:

    - 2 sets of Dumont tweezers style #5, non-magnetic

    - appropriate grids (see below)

    - grid storage

    Optional tools:

    - ThermoFisher Vitrobot or  Leica EMGP tweezers

    - Diamond knife for ultrathing sections (35 degres for standard sections, 45 degres for hard materials) and cryo ultrathin sections (IHIC will provide glass knives only)

    Recommanded grid types by application:

    - negative staining and small nanoparticles: 400 mesh carbon coated grids (copper)

    - plastic sections; 50-100 mesh formvar carbon coated grids (copper)

    - plastic section tomography: 200 mesh formavar carbon coated grids (copper)

    - immunolabelling: 100-200 mesh formvar carbon coated grids (gold, nickel or copper)

    - routine cryoEM (liposome/exosome/cubosomes/phages/bacteria ...): 300 mesh lacey carbon (copper)

    - single particle analysis: 1.2/1.3 (or smaller holes) UltraFoil (or equivalent).