Electron microscopes charges from 1st of March 2023 (excl gst)


Beam time for all Instruments^

^ not for blockface/FIB-SEM imaging and Arctica/Krios (see below) 
User Operated $/h
University of Melbourne 86.5
Other Research Institutes/Academic users


Corporate 222.8
Unit Staff Operated ($/h) $/h
University of Melbourne 186.8
Other Research Institutes/Academic users 222.8
Corporate 323.1
Training ($/h) * $/h
University of Melbourne 135.1
Other Research Institutes/Academic users 173.1
Corporate 247.5

Block face imaging (Teneo VolumeScope/Aquilos)

Sample set up and acquisiton included (minimum 18h run)$/h
University of Melbourne37
Other Research Institutes/Academic users60.2

Arctica/Glacios Automated cryoEM (self use after training)

minimum booking time  4h$/h
University of Melbourne$86.5
Other Research Institutes/Academic users$125.7

Krios Automated cryoEM (self use after training)


minimum booking time 24h

regulated access ^^

Founding partners$1,584.0
Other Research Institutes/Academic users$3,165.6

Ancillary equipment:

Carbon coater Emitech K950X (Loc: Bio21) free#
Plasma cleaner (Loc: Bio21) free#
Gold sputter coater Dynavac (Loc: Bio21) free#
Dynavac coating (Loc: Botany) free#
Vitrobot (Loc: Bio21 rate /1h)free#
Leica AFS2 (rate/run) from $180
Leica EMPACT2 (rate/2h) from $121
cryo ultra microtome (rate /2h)from $26.6
ultra microtome (rate /h)from $13.3

* Is considered "training" a session in which the aim is not too look at a sample but to teach the user how to use the instrument. The user can bring his/her own sample. After 4h it will be up to the unit staff to decide if further "training" is considered as "training" or "staff operated"
# When using microscope of the Advanced Microscopy Facility

It is the responsibility of the user to turn up on time. Charges will be made according to booking times. Cancellation have to notified at least 24h prior to booking starting time. Full charge will be incured if the notification is not received on time.

^^Krios access policy: users must have shown relevant staff negative staining and corresponding class averages as well as cryoEM screening grids micrographs. Application for access: Prof Eric Hanssen