Registration and Training Process

In order to gain access to BOMP equipment, new users will need to go through a registration and training process as explained below.

Step 1 Expression of Interest
Step 2 Identify correct instrument
  • We will find the correct instrument for you and provide registration link. If we need clarification, we will contact you for further discussion before making any decision.
Step 3 Register for specific instrument training
  • Follow the instructions in the link provided and submit the necessary forms.
  • Please note that this procedure includes filling out multiple forms, reading several documents, taking an online quiz etc. Please consider at least 1-2 weeks of preparation time.
Step 4 Arrange training session
  • When we receive the submission, we will check the forms and contact you to arrange a training session. If any form is incomplete, we will contact you for more details before booking a training session.
  • Some instruments may be very busy during peak months and may not be available for training within 1-2 weeks of registering. Please make sure your documents are complete before submission to avoid any further delay.
  • Microscope training is spread over two sessions (two hours each, preferably on consecutive days). Both training sessions will be booked only if you can bring your own sample to the second session.
Step 5 Training session #1
  • Session #1 (training rate applies): We will give an introduction to the microscope using a test sample. We will be demonstrating on site focusing on the
    • hardware and software setup
    • optimising the system settings
    • introduces some advanced applications
  • Analysis software training is done as a single session and will be taken place via online. This may be done as local induction for the analysis computer only (15 min) or as software induction (2 hours). Further assistance for image analysis support will be available upon request and long-term assistance will be provided as a collaboration format (see collaboration agreement).
Step 6 Training session #2
  • Session #2 (standard usage rate applies): This is a follow up session with your own samples to assist you with creating a microscope configuration that is specific to your sample.
  • In this session, you will be operating the microscope, and we will be providing support . You will receive guidance in how to optimise acquisition settings for your sample, but we will keep hands on help for general microscope operation to a minimum so you become capable of using the microscope independently.
Step 7 Competency verification
  • After second training session, we will verify your competency in performing essential microscopy techniques.
  • If we have deemed you competent, we will give you an independent access to the booking calendar and finalise training steps (e.g. sign off on your access request form, add to mailing list etc).
  • If we find you may need further assist, we will organise one more session for final assessment.
Step 8 Training done!
  • You will be using our microscope independently. You can always contact our team for further help.
Step 9 (optional) Data analysis