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Biological Optical Microscopy Platform

  • What is a Themis code and where can I find it?

    This is the internal grant code within the UoM. If your supervisor is affiliated with the University, they should have one.  The Themis code should take the below pattern, we require a full Themis code for your user agreement form to be valid.


    e.g. 01-5210-10-7236-063597-GEN-12-01

    If your supervisor cannot provide a Themis code, then they will be charged as an external researcher. External users are required to provide an invoice contact (name, email & phone) and a mailing address. Researchers from Monash University/Hudson require a Purchase order (PO) number before access can be provided.

  • What is OGTR? Does my sample require a PC2-certified lab?

    Work on certain projects which deal with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or human pathogens (RG2) are required to be performed in Physical Containment 2 (PC2) laboratories.

    GMO: Projects involving GMOs are regulated by the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR). Your lab will have an OGTR agreement that covers your project, which states what types of dealings your work falls under (your supervisor or lab manager should have this). Commonly, work that falls under a NLRD (notifiable low risk dealing) is required to be performed in a PC2 lab. More information on the types of GMO dealings can be found on this webpage.

    Human Pathogens: Work on organisms that fall under the Risk Group 2 category (e.g. pathogenic E. coliCampylobacter spp, Plasmodium spp, prions, HIV-infected blood) are required to be performed in a PC2 laboratory. More info on biosafety requirements can be found on this webpage.

    If your GMO or pathogenic sample is fixed or falls under an exempt dealing then there is no requirement for additional OGTR paperwork.

  • My project involves a viable sample which is part of an NLRD. What do I need to do?

    Researchers working on NLRD projects with viable samples will need to do the following:

    1. Add the relevant PC facility to the NLRD agreement by emailing
    2. Provide evidence that they have attended an OGTR induction run by OREI
    3. Provide an SOP & RA covering their samples (Transport to/from the facility, decontamination of spills and decontamination at the end of their experiments)
  • Do I need to fill in the OGTR requirement form?

    Yes, ALL researchers accessing a PC2 lab (e.g. Bio21 & Medical building BOMP facilities) need to show that they are aware of the requirements to work in that space. Even if their work is on fixed samples/exempt dealings/image analysis computers.

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