Registration and Training Process - Analysis

This page explains on how to gain access to BOMP Image analysis computers or software.

Once you have your microscopy images or at the experimental planning stage,  we can help you further on image processing, visualisation and quantification.

You can start learning the basics using our online resources, or request additional training/consultation on image analysis.

Consultation session is free of charge as this will be done as a collaboration basis.

Step 1 Register to our booking system (iLab)
  • Every instrument booking and training registration will be done via iLab.
  • Both you and your supervisor should register to iLab.
  • See here for instruction.
Step 2 Submit Request form
Step 3 Arrange training session
  • When we receive the submission, we will check the forms and contact you to arrange a training session. If any form is incomplete, we will contact you for more details before booking a training session.
Step 4 Training
  • Analysis software training  is done as a single session and will be taken place via online. This may be done as
    • local induction for the analysis computer only (30 min)
    • or as local induction + software induction software induction (2 hours)
    • or as general consultation (1 hours)

    based on your selection on request form.

Step 5 Competency verification
  • If we have deemed you competent, we will give you an independent access to the booking calendar and finalise training steps (e.g. add to mailing list etc).
Step 6 Further assitance
  • Further assistance for image analysis support will be available upon request and long-term assistance will be provided as a collaboration format (see collaboration agreement).