Booking system

Access to the booking calendar will be given after the training is completed.

Every instrument booking is done via iLab. In order to use iLab,

  1. Both group leader (PI) and researcher (end user) should register in iLab.
  2. (UoM) PI should assign correct Themis account to end users before requesting any training or access.

Additional resources can be found in Research Platform Booking including short tutorial video as below,

Booking calendar link

Bio21 Institute Medical BuildingPeter Doherty Institute
Zeiss Elyra LSM880Zeiss LSM900 Zeiss LSM780
Leica SP8Zeiss LSM880Zeiss LSM700
DV EliteZeiss LSM800Zeiss LSM710 NLO
OMX BlazeOperettaOlympus FVMPERS
 Laser microdissection 
BiosciencePhysicsImage analysis computer
Nikon A1ROlympus FV3000Diamond
Nikon C2 Gold
Nikon Spinning DiskMedicine (EHP)Green
 Nikon A1RCyan
Image analysis software Cherry
Imaris, Volocity, Huygens