Biological Optical Microscopy Platform

BOMP provides access to a wide range of different fluorescence microscopy systems. The table below provides a list of these sorted by location, with access to instrument specification sheets, booking calendars and user agreement forms (which includes pricing information).

Make Model Type Specification Booking CalendarAgreement FormsRegistration
Bio21 Institute
LeicaSP8Inverted confocalSpecBookUA FormRegister for training
LeicaSP5 AOBSInverted Confocal (Live cell)SpecBookNA
ZeissElyra LSM880Inverted (live cell), Super-Resolution (Airyscan/SMLM)SpecBookRegister for training
Deltavision Elite Widefield deconvolution SpecBookRegister for training
Deltavision OMX Blaze Super-Resolution (3D-SIM/SMLM)SpecBookEmail BOMP
Dell T5810 Image analysis: Cyan ComputerSpecBookRegister for training
DellT5810Image Analysis: Cherry ComputerSpecBookRegister for training
NikonA1RInverted confocal (Live cell)SpecBookUA FormRegister for training
Nikon C2Upright confocalSpecBookUA FormRegister for training
Nikon Andor WD Spinning DiskSpecBookUA FormEmail BOMP
Medical Building
ZeissLSM880 Airyscan FastUpright confocal, Super-ResolutionSpecBookUA FormRegister for training
Zeiss LSM800 Airyscan Upright confocal, Super-ResolutionSpecBookRegister for training
Zeiss PALM Laser Microdissection SpecBookRegister for training
Leica SP5 AOBS Inverted Confocal (Live cell) SpecBookRegister for training
Perkin ElmerOperettaHigh Content ImagingSpecBookRegister for training
La VisionUltramicroscope IILightsheet MicroscopeSpecBookRegister for training
DellP7820Image Analysis: "Diamond" computer (3D & Lightsheet data)SpecBookRegister for training
Dell T5810 Image analysis: "Gold" computer (3D data) SpecBookRegister for training
Dell T5610 Image analysis: "Green" computer (2D data) SpecBookRegister for training
Microbiology & Immunology
Zeiss LSM780 Inverted Confocal SpecBookUA FormRegister for training
Zeiss LSM700 Inverted confocal (Live cell) SpecBookRegister for training
Zeiss LSM710 NLO Multi-Photon SpecBookEmail BOMP
Olympus FV-MPERS Multi-Photon SpecBookEmail BOMP
Medicine (Eastern Hill Precinct)
NikonA1RInverted ConfocalSpecBookUA FormRegister for training
OlympusFV3000Inverted confocal (Live cell), FLIMSpecBookUA FormRegister for training